Sunday, March 15, 2009


I think Spring is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER HERE!!!! The weather has been great for the whole weekend, temps in the 50's and the sun has been out both days. Dandy (the puppy) and I went outside and sat on the porch for awhile today, that is one of the things (If not THE THING) that I LOVE about this house, my front porch, it looks out over the valley and I can read, do hand work, or just sit and contemplate. Today I filled the bird feeders and Dandy and I watched the birds fight over the food. We have morning doves, blue birds (But I haven't seen any yet this spring) tons of different types of wood peckers, at least 1 pair of Cardinals, a couple of pairs of blue jays>>>you hear them really early in the morning squacking (Sp) about who knows what. At night if I sit out there I can hear a hoot owl too. SOO PEACEFUL. Oh yea, I forgot about the coyotes at night, they aren't very peaceful right now, it is almost baby time so the females (They make all the noise>>IMAGINE THAT) are out howling most of the night back and forth to each other, it is quite disconcerting, it sounds like singing from people who don't know how to sing. Dandy isn't crazy about going out at night if they are howling. In front of the porch is a flower bed that has tons of perennials in it, hostas, phlox, and some others. It is spring so don't pay any attention to the brown ground or the dead hanging baskets, we will get that all taken care of when it is flower planting time (a couple of months yet) but in the meantime, enjoy my little corner of heaven, right here on my front porch.
:) we also have a little rock garden on the other side of the house that I will post some pics of when it looks better. And YES that is snow on the hillsides. We still have some snow around to remind us it isn't quite spring time yet.


Antonija said...
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Antonija said...

Sorry--I deleted my post by mistake. Doh! Anyway--I was down in IL today--Spring has definately arrived there. I saw bunches of daffodils popping up!
So--it's on its way up here for sure! :)