Saturday, March 7, 2009

Something New and Different to Talk About

OK, so I am a bad Mom, haven't been out to see our horses for awhile, no need to, the guy who boards them takes good care of them, he called us today and says "I went out to water the horses today and GUESS WHAT>>>>>CHILLI has a FOAL" Now that is a tad bit strange because we don't have a stallion, but a guy who boarded there when we moved there did, he has since moved his horses but apparentely not before he let his stallion in with our mares!!!!!!! Not that we need ANOTHER HORSE, we had 5 to start with, but he is SOOO CUTE AND SUCH A SWEETIE, so now we have to come up with a name, Mom is Chilli because the markings on her head look like the country Chile, looked for city names in Chile that would work (CLEVER HEY) but no good boy names there. TOO LONG and too hard to say when you are calling a horse, you want something short and catchy. I thought of Santana, and Whiskey (Because I am about ready to drink some to settle my nerves) so anyone got any suggestions or ideas?? ISN'T HE A CUTIE, right now he is PEE WEE, but we don't want to keep that name.

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Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

What a cute surprise! Hmmm... I am not really good with names. My daughter's horses are Ferrari, Spot, and Dakota. Do those help? Visa and Velocity are two of the other horses at the stables where we board.