Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Evening

And another weekend wasted. WOW, I am good at wasting time. I have so much stuff to do but our schedules are so hectic (and different, Hubby works nights) around here. So we cram in what we can when we can and it doesn't work very well this time of year with so much going on. We still don't have our Christmas Tree yet!!!!! I didn't get any sewing done today either, the Girls came home so we goofed around with them. Kelsey's (DD) boyfriend brought home a puppy so they stopped by to show us the puppy, our puppy wasn't very happy to see another puppy in the house so she pouted FOREVER. SPOILED LITTLE GIRL SHE IS!!!!!!!!! no pictures today, no sewing so nothing to show off. I do intend to work on a purse for myself soon. That should be interesting to say the least. :) anyone have any patterns or tips they would like to provide me????

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stuff and Such

There are plenty of things I should be doing today and one of them isn't playing on the computer. Tons of stuff to do, Christmas Shopping (We still haven't gotten a tree) some wrapping of the presents I do have, some Block Swaps I am in, not to mention cleaning the house etc. Maybe later today I will get busy and pick up the sewing room, looks like a disaster hit in here. Fabric all over, stuff all over the sewing table, I made some Christmas Cards last night, so there is glitter, left over refurbished cards I cut parts of to use in new cards etc. Plus I made a needle keeper for a gift, so leftovers from that are here too. What a mess. Think I should clean. LOL. Whether I do or not is yet to be seen.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ordered New Shoes Today

I have NEVER ordered shoes online, always was worried about fitting and sending them back. etc. til one of my Girlfriends at work talked me into it. I ordered Keen Presidios in midnight navy in case you want to look at them. She has ordered from them before and told me they have awesome service, no shipping to or from, 365 day return policy. WOW. so I called and asked about sizing, really helpful, etc. ordered on line, got home from work with a message in my email, they upgraded shipping for me at no cost to me and my shoes should be here Monday or Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that. My Girlfriend said that too, she said she thought they would be here on Monday. WOOOHOOO. Now for the bad news, while I was at work yesterday someone (Consultant that works for us) backed into my car, luckily it was only damage in the back, bumper and tail light and it was a company car so work is paying to get mine fixed. So since it happened yesterday and today is Friday, I decided to get an estimate this afternoon (they can't holler at me for leaving work early to get an estimate for my car that got hit at work right?????>>> NOT THAT THEY WOULD ANYWAY) so I left, got the estimate and went shopping. GOOFED OFF ALL AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!!! it was fun, going shopping in the daylight, usually I work til 5 and it is dark at 5 pm. So this was a BIG TREAT!!!!!!!!!!! That is my story of the day. Hope everyone is having a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just found this and HAD TO SHARE

This is the COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN, I wish I had seen them in time to order some for Christmas Cards (Presents) but I think I am a little late, anyway go check this out. Anyone who loves gardening and being "GREEN" will LOVE THESE CARDS!!!!!!!!

WOW What a Wonderful Secret Pal I had

Got my last package from my Secret Pal (6 month thing) and what a great package it was. Here are some pics of what I received. I LOVE EVERYTHING but my favorite is the needle keeper (Well it comes in a close 2nd to the candy LOL) Lots of tea to keep me going thru the winter too. She also gave me the places she found the things she made for me. I had never seen those envelopes before, they are really cute too. IT IS ALL GREAT!!!!!!!!! THANKS HEATHER!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter in Wisconsin

Winter in Wisconsin, we are snowed in today. the plow guy came around 5 am by 6 am the snow had blown back across the driveway, so I get to spend a day at home and I am BORED ALREADY, so I went out off our screened in porch stood on the steps and took some pics. This is our little corner of the world today.

Monday, December 8, 2008


It is COLD HERE TODAY, and crappy weather, freezing rain right now, changing to snow, approximately 8-10" they are saying by Wed. Morning, here are some more pics of my BOM, Feb. didn't get centered correctly so I may be doing that one over, depends on how it looks once I get the strips around the outside of the block. Don't want 1 block looking crooked.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

WOW I am more talented than I thought

I figured out how to add music. Spent all night picking songs, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you like my music taste and think I have forgotten any songs or artists please comment and let me know. I am sure I am missing some good stuff. :) Jeanne

Suz Guz BOM-This is January 2008

Ok, promised some quilt photos so here we go, this is what I am working on right now, well this is 1 of the things I am working on, but I want to get this done soon, all the blocks are on the background fabric, and about 1/2 of them are blanket stitched down so I want to get that all finished, use some of the homespuns for borders around the blocks then chambray for sashing and VOILA a quilt top done SOON I HOPE. So let me know what you all think. I am thinking of using different colors homespun for a border around each block, the border being one color in that particular block all the way around the block, not sure about cornerstones yet? Anyone got any suggestions? Jeanne

Friday, December 5, 2008


Here she is, isn't she too cute and SOOO SMART TOO and SOOOOOOO SPOILED TOO. We love her tho. She is a 2 year old Rat Terrier ( we like to call her the HOLY TERRIER) she has WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY FOR HUBBY AND I, our 20 something Daughters can keep up with her but even our Lab (pictures of him to come) can't and doesn't try to keep up with her, she tried to drag him off in the woods with her and he finally laid down and gave up running, he was too pooped to participate any longer. She came back to get him tho. :)


It is COLD here today, check out my little weather girl BRRRRRR. Last night I didn't get anything accomplished that I wanted to, I planned on coming home from work and working on my SuzGuz BOM, I would like to get that done soon, but you know how things go, never got to work on it at all. Got all settled in and couldn't find the pearle cotton, didn't feel like looking too hard for it, so Dandy (Our Puppy) and I just snuggled under one of the many lap quilts we have and watched tv. Bonding Time you know. Dandy is lonesome since Her "MOMMA KENDRA" moved to Naperville for her new job. So now the Mothering duties have fallen upon me, most of the time I don't mind, but 1:30 in the morning when we have to go out in the freezing cold and look around is a little more than I bargained for when I told the GIRLS NO MORE PUPPIES but gave in when I saw her. I will post a photo of her later today when I get home from work. :) Everyone have a good day. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Would also like to add a link (Don't know how except to copy and paste) to buy hand made. Here ya go.
WOW, last time I was here I was talking about spring around the corner and it is WINTER HERE AGAIN, guess I should be more consistent. YEA RIGHT. Well I have spent the bigger share of yesterday and today looking at sew mama sew's blog, she was having a big giveaway. WHO KNEW there WERE SO MANY TALENTED PEOPLE OUT THERE. So I decided to get back to my blog and next time she has a giveaway, I want to be part of it too. Since I last chatted, I have sewn my entire b/w crazy quilt together, now just need to find a back for it. Have enough house blocks from swaps to make a quilt top, have been working on BOM from SUZGUZ Designs and they are turning out really nice, went to a sale of a quilter who died after a 4 year battle with breast cancer, her friends got together and sold some of her HUGE STASH, I bought enough shirtings to make myself a beautiful quilt top so I have been working on that too. LOTS OF UFO'S that need to get done, so I am on a NO BUY deal, no buying unless I need something to finish a project I have already started. Also on a NO MORE SWAP deal, did way too many swaps this year and didn't get near as much accomplished as I wanted to. I am also on a pay it forward, buy home made and buy local binge for the Holiday Season. Makes perfect sense to me, the economy is going down the tubes so instead of supporting WHO KNOWS WHO OR WHERE, why not buy from the person that made it????? and why not buy locally if it is at all possible, that way the money stays local too. NO CHINA BUYING FOR ME THIS SEASON!!!!!!!! Well enough babbling. I will try to get some pics of some of my projects on here soon. Everyone have a nice night. :) Jeanne