Thursday, December 4, 2008

WOW, last time I was here I was talking about spring around the corner and it is WINTER HERE AGAIN, guess I should be more consistent. YEA RIGHT. Well I have spent the bigger share of yesterday and today looking at sew mama sew's blog, she was having a big giveaway. WHO KNEW there WERE SO MANY TALENTED PEOPLE OUT THERE. So I decided to get back to my blog and next time she has a giveaway, I want to be part of it too. Since I last chatted, I have sewn my entire b/w crazy quilt together, now just need to find a back for it. Have enough house blocks from swaps to make a quilt top, have been working on BOM from SUZGUZ Designs and they are turning out really nice, went to a sale of a quilter who died after a 4 year battle with breast cancer, her friends got together and sold some of her HUGE STASH, I bought enough shirtings to make myself a beautiful quilt top so I have been working on that too. LOTS OF UFO'S that need to get done, so I am on a NO BUY deal, no buying unless I need something to finish a project I have already started. Also on a NO MORE SWAP deal, did way too many swaps this year and didn't get near as much accomplished as I wanted to. I am also on a pay it forward, buy home made and buy local binge for the Holiday Season. Makes perfect sense to me, the economy is going down the tubes so instead of supporting WHO KNOWS WHO OR WHERE, why not buy from the person that made it????? and why not buy locally if it is at all possible, that way the money stays local too. NO CHINA BUYING FOR ME THIS SEASON!!!!!!!! Well enough babbling. I will try to get some pics of some of my projects on here soon. Everyone have a nice night. :) Jeanne

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