Friday, December 5, 2008


It is COLD here today, check out my little weather girl BRRRRRR. Last night I didn't get anything accomplished that I wanted to, I planned on coming home from work and working on my SuzGuz BOM, I would like to get that done soon, but you know how things go, never got to work on it at all. Got all settled in and couldn't find the pearle cotton, didn't feel like looking too hard for it, so Dandy (Our Puppy) and I just snuggled under one of the many lap quilts we have and watched tv. Bonding Time you know. Dandy is lonesome since Her "MOMMA KENDRA" moved to Naperville for her new job. So now the Mothering duties have fallen upon me, most of the time I don't mind, but 1:30 in the morning when we have to go out in the freezing cold and look around is a little more than I bargained for when I told the GIRLS NO MORE PUPPIES but gave in when I saw her. I will post a photo of her later today when I get home from work. :) Everyone have a good day. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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