Monday, December 31, 2007

I will post some New Years Day photos tomorrow morning, but tonight I just thought I would wish EVERYONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to get some cleaning, cooking, sewing and OUTBACK BOWL WATCHING in tomorrow. Badgers (MY FAVORITE FOOTBALL TEAM) play tomorrow in Florida, wish I was there, anyway, hope to watch them WIN WIN WIN!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! some New Years Day Pics tomorrow. I PROMISE. :) Jeanne

Thursday, December 27, 2007

No photos today, but it is snowing again. Our record for snow for the month of December is 35" and we are at 28" and still counting, expecting another storm tomorrow, so we might have a new record. ISN'T THAT EXCITING????? NOT, we have enough snow for anyone and everyone to have fun in. We took our oldest Kitty to the Vet this morning (Wish I had a picture of her) and he said he thinks she has liver failure and will have to be euthenized. :( She sleeps with me every night. I will miss her, but she isn't happy or healthy so this is the best thing, I remember when I was a little girl and one of our dogs had to be put down I was upset and crying, my Dad said "Well Jeanne, if you are going to have pets, you have to take care of them and do what is best for them, not always what is best for you" I will never forget that, and he was SOOO RIGHT. I will try to find some pics of her and post them.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Haven't been here for some time, busy getting ready for college graduations, our twin Dd's graduated on Sat. Dec. 15th, Hubby's Birthday was Dec. 17th and of course Christmas. So now all the hectic stuff is over and there is a little more time to spend doing fun stuff, I got some awesome Christmas presents, my Husband's Great Aunt made these for me, they are all hand stitched. Now I just have to get the background fabric and applique them on, she is going to show me how to hand stitch them on the background blocks, then sashing and I have a beautiful heirloom Dresden Plate Quilt. How lucky am I????? There are 16 of them, enough to make a quilt top by adding some sashing and borders.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's getting closer to Christmas

So who is done shopping, sewing, scrapping, swapping, knitting, or whatever it is you do getting ready for the holidays??? NOT ME, I am just starting my shopping, no quilting, sewing, knitting, scrapping or anything else here this year, way too busy to make time to get presents done. I saw an article in Fons and Porter (Pretty sure that is where it was) about someone who had all these good intentions about making all these gifts, it was SOOO FUNNY AND SOOO TRUE, good intentions work as long as everyone co operates with you to get things done. :) Still working on picking colors for Bonnies mystery quilt, by the time I have my colors picked out the mystery will be over. :) Have a good night. Jeanne

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Family Quilts

This is a family quilt done by my MIL and my Aunt In Law (MIL's Sister) finished it for me. All hand appliqued and hand quilted. Isn't it beautiful!!!!!!!!!

Snow pics

Here is a picture of our valley, this was taken in November before we got all the snow, this is just a tad bit compared to what we have on the ground now. Aren't we the lucky ones. We love it here.

Snow Day at the Jabs Household

Well today is Dec. 11th and we had ANOTHER SNOW STORM TODAY. That makes over 16" of snow on the ground since Dec. 1st and we are expecting at least 2 more snow storms THIS WEEK! I wanted to work on some quilting projects but never got that far, cleaned the house, baked some cookies, watched a little tv and started to plan my next quilt, altho I have plenty to do without planning any more projects.