Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Family Quilts

This is a family quilt done by my MIL and my Aunt In Law (MIL's Sister) finished it for me. All hand appliqued and hand quilted. Isn't it beautiful!!!!!!!!!


Marion said...

I have always admired butterfly quilts, it is just beautiful!

Congratulations on your blog!


Jeanne said...

Thanks, the Butterfly quilt is one of my favorites. I found it at MIL's house when we were packing her house because it had been sold, no one wanted the pile of blankets on the hamper so I said I would take them (I saw the backside of the unfinished quilt)so I took the pile home, 2 chenille blankets, 1 old woolrich wool blanket and this BEAUTIFUL unfinished Butterfly quilt, so I took it to my MIL's Sister who hand sews and hand quilts EVERY QUILT SHE MAKES, and asked her if she could finish the quilting for me, it is all hand quilted, she said she would, 2 weeks later she brought it down to me, quilted, and bound. :) Quite a family story hey. Now I just have to make a label to record all the info. Thanks again for the compliment, it is a treasure at our house.