Friday, December 12, 2008

Ordered New Shoes Today

I have NEVER ordered shoes online, always was worried about fitting and sending them back. etc. til one of my Girlfriends at work talked me into it. I ordered Keen Presidios in midnight navy in case you want to look at them. She has ordered from them before and told me they have awesome service, no shipping to or from, 365 day return policy. WOW. so I called and asked about sizing, really helpful, etc. ordered on line, got home from work with a message in my email, they upgraded shipping for me at no cost to me and my shoes should be here Monday or Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that. My Girlfriend said that too, she said she thought they would be here on Monday. WOOOHOOO. Now for the bad news, while I was at work yesterday someone (Consultant that works for us) backed into my car, luckily it was only damage in the back, bumper and tail light and it was a company car so work is paying to get mine fixed. So since it happened yesterday and today is Friday, I decided to get an estimate this afternoon (they can't holler at me for leaving work early to get an estimate for my car that got hit at work right?????>>> NOT THAT THEY WOULD ANYWAY) so I left, got the estimate and went shopping. GOOFED OFF ALL AFTERNOON!!!!!!!!!! it was fun, going shopping in the daylight, usually I work til 5 and it is dark at 5 pm. So this was a BIG TREAT!!!!!!!!!!! That is my story of the day. Hope everyone is having a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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