Thursday, March 5, 2009


More and More Vintage Thingie Thursday people every week, this is sooo much fun, sharing everyone's treasures, I am sure having fun, meeting new bloggers, finding new things to "Collect" and checking out all the sites along the way, anyway I think everyone should go visit Cynthia is giving away a hand painted sign and believe me they are beautiful. Go check it out. And now I have a question for all of you vintage embroidery people, has anyone seen any embroidery for sewing room things, ie: sewing machines, thread spools, bobbins, etc. since I am making new valances for my sewing room I woul sort of like them to be sewing room oriented instead of kitchen oriented. If you have some ideas I would be thrilled to hear them. TIA, Jeanne

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Jewelgirl said...

Hi I am Norwegian also, not a bit
Irish but it is fun to celebrate
wearing of the green for fun of it!
Thanks for stopping by! Jewelgirl