Monday, March 16, 2009


Well the temps got up to around 65 degrees today but still have snow on the hillsides, hoping they are gone tomorrow, we might make it to 70 WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! Dandy and I went for a little walk up the driveway when I got home from work and Rita (our outside Cat) came with us, a black/white cat, a black/white dog and I walking up the driveway, must have been quite a site.

Also wanted to let you know about a great giveaway,

Darla is giving away Soy Candles, check out her blog and make a comment and who knows, you just might win, OH WAIT, I AM GOING TO WIN, LOL. :)

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bj said...

I came over from Colorado Lady...
Will come back later!
xo bj