Monday, March 23, 2009

Went Junking Today

Came home empty handed except for a new australian magazine I hadn't seen before, I think it is called Home made or Hand Made, has some cute projects in it. Seems like there are more and more of the Australian Magazines being sold here in the U.S. which I love since it is new material to check out. Also called my Girlfriend at the candle store and ordered some of her unscented tea lights to go with the lamp oil I buy from her, if you want some great smelling candles, this is the place to go, she has awesome candles. And she does make them in her spring house too. :) No big projects to show off, well I have some but they aren't done, I actually should be working on them. I decided to make Hamburger Soup for supper, MMMM GOOD, 1 # hamburger browned, 1/3 c. barley, 4 c. of water with beef bouillon added, a couple of bay leaves, cook that in the crock pot all day on low to medium, I get home from work around 5, put in 1/2-3/4 bag of frozen soup veggies and turn up the crock pot to high, let it cook another hour and VOILA>>>AWESOME SUPPER, I add some breadstix and we are good to go. One of my favorite crock pot recipes.

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