Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boring Thursday Night

Basketball is on, High School and the NCAA, so there isn't anything exciting on tv that I want to watch, Hubby is busy watching high school basketball tournaments, I will watch tomorrow when a little town not too far from us is playing. I could ( and should be) doing some hand work but it is getting too late and Dandy (puppy) is a little annoying tonight so I can't accomplish much without her "helping" me with what ever it is I am trying to do. I am impatiently waiting for spring to arrive. We still (HONESTLY WE DO) have some snow patches on the ground on the hillsides, but most of it is gone. I want to get out and work in the flower beds and want to sit out on my front porch and read, speaking of reading, anyone got any suggestions for some good books to read? I have Water for Elephants and I think I might start that soon but haven't yet. Just haven't been quite in the mood but now that it is getting warmer out and I can hit the hiding spot (FRONT PORCH) soon I am getting in the mood. Front porch is my favorite spot to read and do my hand work, I can listen to the creek, the birds (sometimes they get a little noisy tho) and the wind blow thru the trees and relax and enjoy the fresh air. WOW, sound sappy or what??? LOL. Hubby is going to put up the Blue Bird Houses this weekend, hopefully we will get a pair or two f them to nest in our new boxes. I see them every year but this will be the 1st year we have put out houses for them, I am excited.

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Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

We have the male bluebirds all moved back into their houses this year. It is always so much fun watching them come back! I was so excited to learn that we had them and now that we have feeders and houses everywhere, we have so many birds and they are so fun to watch :o)