Monday, March 30, 2009

Where I create (and dream)

This is in response to Where do you Create on this blog,
thought it would be fun to share, I didn't do the whole room altho I could have it is pretty small. 1st pic is my favorite place to sit, Addy moves for me so I can do my hand work in My Grandma's Rocker with her old floor lamp behind me, just a nice peaceful place to sit and stitch, 2nd pic is my pegboard and my Ikea rail, I love both of them, the pegboard looks a little tacky but I have so much stuff on there I would hate to give it up, thought about painting it the same color as the wall but then I thought that might not look so good either, 3rd pic is of some of my storage area, the bookshelf has a mate, but DD #2 stole that from me and is using it in her room, the box (With all the wool and magazines on top of it) is an old ammunition box that I got at an auction for $5.00 WOW it holds lots of magazines as you can see, also to the right of the bookshelf>>>>that binder is full of more magazines, that seems to be one of my downfalls, is magazines, can't throw them away but can't keep collecting them either. I have 2 vintage boxes (not in the pictures) full of doilies, dresser scarves, tatting, hardanger etc. that I have sitting around in the room, oh yea, forgot that Log Cabin block that is framed and sitting at the foot of the rocker, I have about 7 of those cut up and framed, the quilt was SOOO DAMAGED, but some of the blocks were still good so I saved them and framed them, they are also some of my favorite things in my room, and I can't forget my Vintage Aprons (that is what is hanging by the bookshelf and the ammo. box) so there you have my creative and dreaming space. I LOVE IT, when I moved in this room I didn't think I would like the blue walls, but you know what they grow on you and now I LOVE THEM.


Anita said...

I have one of those Ikea tool bars too. I wouldn't give up that or your peg board either. You could put a really fun picture frame or trim around the peg board to dress it up. And you could organize it with similar tools and shapes near each other for more visual oompf.

Thanks so much for sharing your space!

janet clare said...

It is so interesting to see where everyone sews! Your room looks packed with inspiration.

Kelly said...

Such a nice space to create! I love how you have a home for every little thing: hooks, baskets, etc. My creative space is beyond messy right now. This is common after a production. Sigh. ~Kelly

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