Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Busy Life This Week

First of all THANKS MARION for the nice award, I appreciate it. Well this week is flying by and I am not getting ANYTHING DONE, Hubby had Carpal Tunnel Surgery yesterday so I took him to the hospital, had the whole day off work. Now that being said you would think I got something done right???? WRONG, I did nothing except (well I don't think I really did anything) LOL. Tonight I got up some ambition and worked on my first crazy quilt block (now I know why they call it crazy) I struggled with that block (I thought it would be EASY). I think I put way too much thought into it and made it more difficult. I am still working on the block, but when I get it finished I will post it (if it is half way decent looking). So it is Thursday and I haven't done much this week, hopefully the weekend will be better.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Starting a new project (like I don't have enough old ones) Someone (CIE IT IS YOUR FAULT) suggested a crazy quilt BOM, so I signed up for that and then as if that wasn't enough I signed up for a RBR and picked Crazy Quilt for my theme (NOW I THINK I AM CRAZY FOR PICKING IT) but I finally got my plans all figured out for the RBR, I have NEVER done a Crazy quilt or anything like it, so this is all new to me, altho I used to do cross stitch and know applique stitches. So my plan for the RBR is all cottons so no one has to go buy silk or anything, and my colors are black/white, everyone has black and white in their stash RIGHT???? and then the embellishments will be easy too, most colors go with those 2 colors. I bought some seed beads and some pearls tonight to make a spider and her web so that is my plan for tomorrow, IF (THAT IS THE MAGIC WORD) I get it done tomorrow I will try to post it. :) I am NOT PROMISING ANYTHING YET. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


IT IS SOOOO COLD here today, the temp. is -9 right now and the wind chill is much colder. Good news is it isn't snowing and it is supposed to be 45 degrees by Monday. Gotta Love Wisconsin Weather. Haven't gotten any quilting or sewing done this week, been busy around the house, hope to get some quilting done this weekend. I have lots of small projects I want to work on and then I have quite a few big projects too. Some of us (Well so far another girl and myself) are trying to start a small quilting group in our little town, our Minister graciously offered the Church which is nice because we have banquet tables and lots of room, now if we can only get it going, I would be able to sew during the week too, seems like if I put more effort into it, I get more done. I don't get any sewing done during the week at home, but if I have to drag my sewing machine etc. up to Church to sew I get alot done. Method to my Madness. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Girls Christmas Photo

This was taken at the World Clydesdale Show in Madison Wi. Left to Right, Lesley, Kendra, Kelsey

Another Snowy Monday

I won't bore you with more snow pictures, but it is snowing AGAIN and NOW IT IS REALLY COLD, and we are all sad today, the Packers lost yesterday and we (WISCONSINITES) were all hoping for a Super Bowl Trip. Oh well, there is always next year. I am going to start looking for quilty blogs and adding them to my favorites list (once I figure out how to add them) maybe I will look for some horsey blogs and add them too. I do have a sort of Christmas picture of our Girls to put in the slideshow, that was so easy to set up but now I can't figure out how to add photos to it. Guess I will have to play with it a little.

Friday, January 18, 2008

New Day in the Neighborhood

More snow, I am adding some pics of the snow in our yard, it is beautiful, but REALLY COLD tonight, check out the weather Girl. :) She is dressed warm I hope. Joined a BOM and am really getting excited about it, it is a Crazy Quilt BOM, I have never done a crazy quilt but have always wanted to, so I went shopping tonight, first to get my KONA SNOW I have been waiting for since right after Christmas, who knew it was so hard to get a hold of, so when I was in Madison I checked out the Good Will store, they had LOTS OF clothes for crazy quilts, had lots of embroidery, some lacey shirts, some eyelet shirts, some velveteen dresses, WAY TOO MUCH FOR ME TO KNOW WHAT TO BUY, here I thought I would be strugging to find things BOY WAS I WRONG. OH well I will post a photo when I get done with my first block, hopefully this weekend, altho now that I have my Kona I am going to down to Aunt Lilas's (she finished the butterfly quilt for me) and have her help me with my Dresden Plates, I got the Kona for the blocks and I am going to applique or needleturn or whatever Lilas does to the Kona. So enjoy my photos and come back soon.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Here I am, better late than never

Life has been busy around here lately, snow and more snow. I went out to see our horses yesterday and took some awesome pics of the scenery and the horses so I will share a couple with you. Chilli is our pretty little arab mare, she is THE PRINCESS, if I wasn't the Queen she would be. She is s fun little mare, sweetest disposition you could ask for. Isn't the pasture pretty, we tried to get pictures of the deer eating with the horses, but our puppy was barking and she spooked the deer. Maybe next time we won't take her with us and we will get lucky. It was quite a site.