Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Busy Life This Week

First of all THANKS MARION for the nice award, I appreciate it. Well this week is flying by and I am not getting ANYTHING DONE, Hubby had Carpal Tunnel Surgery yesterday so I took him to the hospital, had the whole day off work. Now that being said you would think I got something done right???? WRONG, I did nothing except (well I don't think I really did anything) LOL. Tonight I got up some ambition and worked on my first crazy quilt block (now I know why they call it crazy) I struggled with that block (I thought it would be EASY). I think I put way too much thought into it and made it more difficult. I am still working on the block, but when I get it finished I will post it (if it is half way decent looking). So it is Thursday and I haven't done much this week, hopefully the weekend will be better.

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