Thursday, January 24, 2008


IT IS SOOOO COLD here today, the temp. is -9 right now and the wind chill is much colder. Good news is it isn't snowing and it is supposed to be 45 degrees by Monday. Gotta Love Wisconsin Weather. Haven't gotten any quilting or sewing done this week, been busy around the house, hope to get some quilting done this weekend. I have lots of small projects I want to work on and then I have quite a few big projects too. Some of us (Well so far another girl and myself) are trying to start a small quilting group in our little town, our Minister graciously offered the Church which is nice because we have banquet tables and lots of room, now if we can only get it going, I would be able to sew during the week too, seems like if I put more effort into it, I get more done. I don't get any sewing done during the week at home, but if I have to drag my sewing machine etc. up to Church to sew I get alot done. Method to my Madness. :)

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