Monday, January 14, 2008

Here I am, better late than never

Life has been busy around here lately, snow and more snow. I went out to see our horses yesterday and took some awesome pics of the scenery and the horses so I will share a couple with you. Chilli is our pretty little arab mare, she is THE PRINCESS, if I wasn't the Queen she would be. She is s fun little mare, sweetest disposition you could ask for. Isn't the pasture pretty, we tried to get pictures of the deer eating with the horses, but our puppy was barking and she spooked the deer. Maybe next time we won't take her with us and we will get lucky. It was quite a site.

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Rose said...

Are the pictures supposed to enlarge? I wish they would--I checked early today and they didn't but thought maybe later but no luck. I love that pasture scene from what I can tell!