Saturday, January 26, 2008


Starting a new project (like I don't have enough old ones) Someone (CIE IT IS YOUR FAULT) suggested a crazy quilt BOM, so I signed up for that and then as if that wasn't enough I signed up for a RBR and picked Crazy Quilt for my theme (NOW I THINK I AM CRAZY FOR PICKING IT) but I finally got my plans all figured out for the RBR, I have NEVER done a Crazy quilt or anything like it, so this is all new to me, altho I used to do cross stitch and know applique stitches. So my plan for the RBR is all cottons so no one has to go buy silk or anything, and my colors are black/white, everyone has black and white in their stash RIGHT???? and then the embellishments will be easy too, most colors go with those 2 colors. I bought some seed beads and some pearls tonight to make a spider and her web so that is my plan for tomorrow, IF (THAT IS THE MAGIC WORD) I get it done tomorrow I will try to post it. :) I am NOT PROMISING ANYTHING YET. :)

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CieAngel said...

you can't blame me. oh wait yes you can I sent you the pattern lol.