Saturday, April 4, 2009


Still no computer so still no pictures but this weekend was 1 of our 2 quilty weekends. There are anywhere from 10-20 of us that get together, quilt, chat, eat etc. for the weekend. This weekend I only took my embroidery because I was coming home early, I got my 3rd block done and started on these, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THESE LITTLE CUTIES: Go to Free Block of the Month at the top of the page and once you get to that page see on the right it says Sophie Block of the Month, click on that and VOILA, she is TOOO CUTE, so that is what I am working on now. Also got a 40% off coupon to Michaels so I think I am going to buy myself a light box, I have been using the window (Great tool if there is enough light) but one of the girls at the retreat had a light box and what a difference that made. Then she told me they are only around $20.00 with the coupon so I am definately check that out. :) WOOOHOOO.

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soggybottomflats said...

Hey girl, I looked for your email addy and couldn't find it, wahhhh!! I wanted to tell you that Mary Jane Butters lives a hop, skip and jump from where I was born and raised or until 9 years ago. I am not going to the farm fair but have been to each and every place she has listed in her tour. Some of them I have lived at. Have you seen the latest issue on glamping? It's so cool. Crafts this month are knitting t-shirt rugs, bath mats, homemade oilcloth and fishing lure jewelry. I still have a couple issues left in my shop if you need one. Let me know. It is nice to see someone with similar interests. Keep in touch, Elaine