Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another Snowy Saturday

It was supposed to be Quilty Saturday ( a bunch of us get together and either work on our embroidery BOM or UFO's twice a month) and it ended up being SNOWY SATURDAY, we are snowed in our driveway AGAIN, it is beautiful but it is getting OLD TOO. I am ready for SPRING TO GET HERE SOON. My indoor plants are starting to bloom so that must mean spring is just around the corner right? Don't know what corner it is around but hopefully a close one. Nothing quilty today I guess, I have the bug to rearrange furniture, I want to take a desk out of our bedroom, move a dresser that is in the hall at the top of the steps into my sewing room and put the desk in the hall, to move the dresser into my sewing room I need to move my bookshelf into the hall, you know one of those little projects that gets to be a weekend project, and Hubby works weekend nights so he is in no mood to move furniture and he is sleeping in our bedroom so guess I won't be moving stuff today. I should go out and take some pics of the snow but I am not quite that ambitious, it is still snowing and blowing, altho the temperature seems to have warmed up a tad bit. I wanted to go junking today too, wanted to look for some vintage linens for a project I am working on, oh well, guess that can wait til next weekend. This is the project, it is our embroidery BOM and I am using an army green for the background of the embroidery block an vintage linens for the sashing etc. ISN'T IT CUTE!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to finish it.

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